South Carolina Region
National Sojourners, Inc.


Charleston Chapter No. 28

Chartered 1 January 1925

President V Joe Hill
First Vice-President James Schaefer
Second Vice-President David R. Brewster
Third Vice-President Allen D. Kinsley
Secretary Gregg Schneider (assisted by Harvey Belcher)
Treasurer Gregg Schneider
Marshall James Jackson
Color Bearer
Chaplain David DeChant Sr.

Moultrie Camp Heroes of '76

Chartered 11 January 1958

Commander Harold Trosper, Sr
Chief of Staff V Joe Hill
Assistant Chief of Staff James Schaefer
Officer of the Day David R. Brewster
Senior Lieutenant Dennis Dayton
Junior Lieutenant Harvey Belcher
Commander of the Guard Otto Kaske
Sentinel Larry Nicodin
Adjutant Gregg Schneider
Chaplain David DeChant Sr.
Surgeon Lou Humphries
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