South Carolina Region
National Sojourners, Inc.


Fort Jackson Chapter No. 184

Chartered 22 March 1943

President Clifton L. Simmons, Jr.
First Vice-President Scotty Austin
Second Vice-President Michael Dembitsky
Third Vice-President Maurice Smith
Secretary John R. Bowker
Treasurer Andrew Hermann
Marshall Santo D'eredita
Color Bearer John Byrnes
Chaplain Ray Smith
Judge Advocate Scott Martin
Surgeon Andrew Hermann

General Mordecai Gist Camp Heroes of '76

Chartered 13 January 1977

Commander Edward E. Smith, Jr.
Chief of Staff Michael Baxley
Assistant Chief of Staff Scotty Austin
Officer of the Day John Bowker
Senior Lieutenant
Junior Lieutenant
Commander of the Guard
Adjutant Richard Barton
Chaplain Barry Rickman
Surgeon Andrew Hermann
Judge Advocate
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