South Carolina Region
National Sojourners, Inc.


John Sevier Chapter No. 548

Chartered January 2011

President Bob Griffin
First Vice-President Bob Krause
Second Vice-President George Mabry
Third Vice-President Richard Swecker
Secretary/Treasurer Dan Rancourt
Marshall Brent Cobb
Color Bearer Don Lannan
Chaplain Guy Palmer
Judge Advocate Jim Turner

Kings Mountain Camp Heroes of '76

Chartered as Croft Camp Heroes of '76 11 May 2011
Changed to Kings Mountain Camp Heroes of '76 3 March 2015
to better position our Chapter with the
Revolutionary War Battle of Kings Mountain.

Commander Buddy Jones
Chief of Staff Bob Griffin
Assistant Chief of Staff Bob Krause
Officer of the Day George Mabry
Senior Lieutenant Jim Humphreys
Junior Lieutenant Richard Swecker
Commander of the Guard Benny Hammond
Adjutant Dan Rancourt
Chaplain Guy Palmer
Surgeon Jim Turner
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